Thailand Gaming

Thailand Gaming is booming. The country has received significant funding for this industry, and there is also a huge market for mobile gaming devices. In addition, some of the country’s oldest institutions have jumped on board, stating that they will support the growing digital sector. The recent global pandemic has also sparked a new energy in Thailand’s gaming sector.

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Gaming has become a popular hobby for Thais. Mobile games are the most popular, but many people also play PC and console games. Although these platforms aren’t as popular as they once were, they still make up the majority of gamers in Thailand. In fact, 95% of paid gamers in Thailand spend money on in-game purchases, the most popular of which are playable characters.

The Thailand Gaming Expo attracts over 120,000 people, making it the largest gaming industry event in Thailand. Major game makers and local game design and development companies showcase their newest creations at the event. The Thai government’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency supports the video game industry. Despite the growth of the ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมที่ industry, the laws surrounding this industry in Thailand remain restrictive.

The legal infrastructure of the gaming industry in Thailand is a hot topic in Thailand. While gambling is legal, the government must ensure that there is a sufficient level of regulatory oversight. Regulatory reform in Thailand should be more industry-oriented, avoiding content-based regulations.

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