Tantra Practitioner Training Course

If you are seeking to learn the secrets of tantra massage, one of the best ways to learn is through a tantra practitioner training course. This training will give you in depth instruction on all aspects of the ancient art of erotic love making and also help you to practice the skills needed to master tantra in a classroom setting. This is an ideal way to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start a career as a tantra teacher or to continue your education in the field.

The Ultimate Secret Of Tantra Practitioner Training

There are four basic tantra teacher training levels. The first level is designed for students who already have an interest in learning about tantra and who want to deepen their knowledge of the sensual and erotic arts. At level one of this tantra practitioner training, students will be taught the basics of eroticism – what love is and how it can impact our lives. In addition, this level will introduce you to various sex techniques, such as tantra yoga and tantra sex. The second level of this tantra teacher training will train you in meditation and the spiritual path of kundalini awakening.

The third level of this tantra teacher training course will train you in the basic principles of sex therapy. At this level, you will learn the medical, emotional, spiritual and physical components of sexual pleasure. You will also learn the proper breathing and other exercises that can lead you to a deeper and more profound level of intimacy with your lover. Finally, at the level four of this tantra training program, you will complete your training program and receive a certification that will enable you to open yourself up to a whole new world of careers as a tantra teacher or to pursue a line of work that suits your interests.

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