How to Choose Professional LED Strip Lights

Professional LED strip lights are a good way to illuminate an entire room. Lumilum brand is one of the most popular brands, due to its long life and color consistency. It is used in high-end residential homes, high-end casinos, bars, hotels, events, and other commercial facilities. These lights can be installed easily, and provide professional results. If you’re looking for a great price for Led Driver Suppliers lighting, try searching for the best price on Amazon.

Why Need to Choose Professional LED Strip Lights

A good LED strip light will have a lumen output, which is a critical factor when choosing the best style for your project. A typical output range for accent and mood lighting is 100-300 Lumens/ft, while the range for task lighting is 300-450 Lumens/ft. In addition, you should pay close attention to the lighting distance, as this is the determining factor in choosing the right light.

Lumens are another crucial factor to consider when choosing a type of LED strip light. The amount of brightness a strip can produce depends on the type of application it’s intended for. Ambient and accent lighting requires a light that’s 100-300 Lumens/ft. However, when you need lighting in a specific area, you’ll want a higher-lumen option. A typical LED strip light with a high lumen output will be much more difficult to hide, and can create a crowded or cramped space.

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