Golden Leaves Funeral Insurance Plans

Golden Leaves Funeral Insurance Plans pays for burial expenses. The policyholder chooses a beneficiary, who can spend the benefit however he or she chooses. In most cases, this is a spouse or other family member. It is possible to specify special instructions for the distribution of the benefits, including who will pay for the funeral. Other extra benefits include additional coverage for accidental deaths. The premiums for funeral insurance policies are usually paid monthly or yearly.

How to Choose Golden Leaves Funeral Insurance Plans

The cost of funeral insurance varies depending on the policyholder’s age and health. Preneed plans cover only funeral and burial expenses. In most cases, they are payable to a funeral home. A preneed plan allows the beneficiary to lock in a price before the death. A preneed plan also means that there is no need for a payment plan. In addition, a preneed plan allows the family to know exactly what kind of service to provide for the deceased.

There are two basic types of funeral insurance: standard funeral insurance and pre-need insurance. While both provide protection for the cost of a funeral, a pre-need policy gives you time to plan your final arrangements. If you don’t have children or are retired, a pre-need plan is a great way to make arrangements. The premiums for both types of funeral insurance are similar. The best part is that you don’t have to pay in advance. It is worth it to plan ahead and make your final arrangements sooner rather than later.

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