Find Employers That Hire Felons

Employers that Hire Felons

If you’re a convicted felon, you’ll want to learn how to find an employer that does not discriminate against you. Listed below are some industries that commonly hire felons. While these jobs may pay minimum wage, you can eventually move up to a higher position if you work hard. To find an employer that hires felons, take a hospitality course to improve your chances. The food service industry is a major employer of felons.

It Will Also Provide A Basis For Comparing Employers’ Results With Those Of Other Industries

While Employers that Hire Felons may be leery of hiring a felon, most are willing to give them a second chance if the employee is honest and qualified. You can even find a job in the airline industry, which is the largest among wealthy nations. Just keep in mind that a convicted felon is likely to have a felony conviction that is at least 35 years old. This doesn’t mean that employers should stay away from hiring felons, however.

The results of this study give employers an idea of how to improve job opportunities for those with felony convictions. Further research can examine differences between employers based on the number of employees, type of job, establishment size, and hiring role, as well as self-reporting by the employer. This information can help stakeholders better target policy and program features. It will also provide a basis for comparing employers’ results with those of other industries.

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