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For as long as I can remember, childcare Chadstone services – including childminding centres, preschools and private tutoring – in all their incarnations, have always been a bit on the expensive side. In most cases, private tutors have been seen as an option for those with the most severe learning issues – you know, the ones who can’t read, write or even recognise their own name. However, it seems that as time progresses, the UK’s attitude to childcare is starting to change. Private tutors are starting to come back, while those charged with looking after those with learning difficulties are no longer viewed as the preserve of the wealthy.

How to Making Education Affordable

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Take a look around your local area. The majority of new primary school children still receive all of their education from a childcare centre. Even many of the new secondary schools continue to recruit a significant number of staff from these centres – most of whom will have spent several years in a childminding centre before becoming teachers. While this all sounds great, it can come at a cost.

All too often, it seems that the parents of these bright and beautiful children are left to spend more money on the education that they need, rather than the childcare that they are offered. It’s a vicious circle: as a parent you want your child to receive the best in education – so you pay more to find the teachers who can provide it – but because the educational institutions can be costly, those teaching them get paid less. And so on. By providing these children with the ideal centre for education, we can ensure that they grow up with a real desire to learn, and spend their later lives enjoying what they love most – learning.

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