Opening a Recruitment Agency in France – What Do You Need?

Foreign investors opening recruitment agencies in France aren’t treated any different to local ones, but they do have certain requirements related to hiring staff Lucrez In Europa. Also, in general there are no minimum capital requirements when setting up a recruitment agency under the category of a limited liability corporation in France. However, some of these agencies might require you to provide a certain percentage (usually 10%) of your turnover as an initial fee just to open your agency. The government in France does have some regulations regarding these things though.

How a Recruitment Agency in France Can Help You Find a Job

So what do you need to get started? You’ll need to ensure that the recruitment agency you choose has all the relevant accreditations to be listed with the government agencies in your country. It would also be ideal to check if your chosen recruitment agency in France is fully protected under local laws and that their privacy policy covers all employees. It might even be helpful to talk to friends who have worked with recruitment agencies in the past to see what experience they had. This should help you weed out the agencies you should avoid and pick the ones that are right for you.

Once you’ve selected a recruitment agency in France to sign up with, then you need to decide what kind of work you’re looking for. Do you want a permanent recruitment solution or are you looking for a temporary solution where you only need to hire for a few months or so? Will you be recruiting part-time or full-time staff? Once you’ve answered these questions then you should be able to open an account with your chosen agency and recruit according to their needs. It’s really easy!