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Boats can be extremely dirty and you may be wondering what the best way to clean your boat would be. There are many different types of boat cleaning supplies on the market, but if you are looking for a highly-concentrated formula that leaves your boat clean and dry, you may want to consider purchasing Boat Wash Solutions. This highly-concentrated formula comes in both a shampoo and a wipe to help make your boating experience as easy as possible. When looking for the best product for your needs, it is important to know the type of material that your boat is made from and if your manufacturer offers any special treatments.

Cleaning Your Boat Using a Refreshing Blueberry Scent

Boat wash products come in two basic categories, all-natural or non-all-natural. Non-all-natural formulas will often use a combination of ingredients that are less likely to irritate sensitive skin and leave unwanted residue behind. Common ingredients in all-natural formulas include salt and chlorine dioxide. As an example, a simple boat wash solution consisting of one cup of hot water, five cups of highly-concentrated blueberry scent with a pH balanced to prevent bacterial growth, and one cup of low-pressure dryer air might be all that is needed to effectively clean your vessel. If you are looking for a very powerful rinse, simply add two tablespoons of phosphates to the mixture. This phosphates will offer the greatest strength and sturdiness against tough dirt and debris.

Most importantly, when looking for a highly-efficient boat wash system, make sure the system includes an innovated Bright Finish Polisher. The Bright Finish Polisher will give your boat surfaces a bright finish and is an ideal addition to a conditioning system. With this conditioning treatment, you will see that each bright finish fiber added to your Boat Wash formula will work individually to give your vessel a fresh and vibrant blueberry scent, leaving your boat surfaces smelling and feeling wonderful!

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