Amish Dolls

amish dolls

The amish dolls are a group of people that live in the United States and have been around for more than 150 years. They have a strong reputation for their simple living and plain clothes. They have strict rules about what is and isn’t acceptable.

They don’t have faces, or don’t allow their children to play with dolls that have faces.

They believe that dolls with faces can be possessed by demons who could use them to see children playing, hear conversations, and communicate.

In order to save their children from these evil spirits, Amish parents do not allow them to play with any toys that have faces.

The Timeless Beauty of Amish Dolls: A Guide to Collecting and Displaying These Treasures

Often, they will not even allow their children to use the television, radio, or computers. They want their kids to stay away from these modern conveniences and try to instill a work ethic in them instead.

Another reason why they do not allow their children to play with faceless dolls is because the Amish community believes that printed pictures are graven images and can be possessed by demons.

They also believe that having a face on their dolls makes them more worldly, which is something they do not want to do. Amish children are usually very well behaved and they use physical discipline to help shape their behavior.

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