Choosing the Best Synthetic Urine

When it comes to choosing the best synthetic urine, you should be aware of the quality of the products you are considering. Most reliable manufacturers provide thorough instructions, offer first-rate customer service, and are open about the substances they use. Taking the time to choose a good product is well worth the effort.

Synthetic pee kits typically come with a temperature strip. You should check the temperature of the strip before submitting your sample. If the reading is less than 100 degrees, your sample is not cold enough. However, if the reading is higher than 90 degrees, your sample is too warm.

In addition to the temperature strip, the best synthetic urine kits also include a reliable heating method. Some brands use a microwave, while others may rely on a heat pad. This is the most reliable way to heat the synthetic urine you’re preparing for your test.

Exploring Different Types of Synthetic Urine Products

Other products available on the market include Urine Luck, P-Sure, Monkey Whizz, XStream, and UPass 8.4. Each of these brands is effective and affordable. But they can come with complications.

Some of the more popular brands of fake pee have uric acid in them. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, you may want to choose a product that doesn’t contain it. The presence of uric acid is one of the most common signals that a urine sample is fake.

Another important consideration is the color. The color of the urine sample should match the color of the real urine you are attempting to pass. Ideally, the color of the sample should be yellow.